The hobbit book report

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J.R.R. Tolkien

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Mirkwood is terrifying. There are eyes staring out of the darkness at them. Soon they come to a lake. They were warned not to touch the water, so they use a boat to cross. But, the dwarf, Bombur, falls in and goes into a sleep that lasts for days. The dwarves must carry him. Beginning to despair, they think they see lights flickering in the trees and decide to check it out, against the warnings of Gandalf and Beorn. This happens three times and on the third time, they become disoriented.

Soon Bilbo stops hearing the voices and is too exhausted to go on. He sits down under a tree and falls asleep. When Bilbo wakes he is face to face with a huge spider who is trying to bind his legs with a sticky thread. Bilbo whips out his sword, cuts the binding and kills the spider. He decides to name his sword Sting. When he finds the dwarves they are drugged, wrapped up in cocoons and hanging upside down from trees.

Bilbo puts on his ring and disappears. Then he throws some stones and lures the spiders away. Once the spiders are gone, he doubles back and releases the dwarves. They are groggy from the poison the spiders injected them with, and have trouble fighting the spiders off when they return. When they stop to regroup after getting away from the spiders, they notice that Thorin is missing.

Thorin was taken prisoner by the elves, he had wandered into a clearing before the spider attack. Although, the wood elves are good people, they are very suspicious. After Bilbo and company are finished with the spiders, they are captured by the elves, too.

The Hobbit Summary

Since, Bilbo is still invisible, he is able to follow the elves when they take the dwarves to prison with Thorin. He walks around the elves home and talks to the dwarves in their cells helping to plan an escape. Bilbo sees the elves trading with the people of Lake Town by sending barrels floating down the river, and plans on putting the dwarves in the barrels where they will speed along the river.

Still invisible, Bilbo hops on one of the barrels and rides it down the river. When they reach Lake Town, Thorin goes to the Master of Lake Town to declare that he is a decedent of the King of the Mountain and plans on taking it back from the dragon. The people are all thrilled, they look forward to the gold getting back into circulation. After a fortnight of rest and food, the dwarves and hobbit are off again.

As they near Lonely Mountain, they notice a lack of vegetation. After trying to beat at the door, they are all discouraged. While Bilbo is thinking he notices a thrush knock against a stone with his beak, and he suddenly remembers the riddle.

Thorin uses the key that came with the map to open the door. Since Bilbo is their burglar, Thorin sends him in to investigate. Smaug is a huge creature. He is red and gold with fiery breath and long claws. His body is as tough as diamonds. Even though Bilbo is terrified, he takes a gold cup to show the dwarves.

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party

Unfortunately, Smaug notices the cup is missing when he wakes up and is enraged. He flies around the mountain breathing out streams of fire.

When he sees the ponies belonging to the dwarves and Bilbo, he eats them. Later, believing the dragon is asleep, Bilbo enters his den again. But, the dragon is just faking sleep. Since Bilbo is wearing the ring, Smaug can smell him, but not see him. The two engage in conversation. Bilbo entertains Smaug with riddles and with flattery gets Smaug to reveal his weak spot, a small place on his left breast without armor.

Bilbo rushes out to tell Thorin what he learned. When Smaug realizes Bilbo escaped he chases him down the passageway, and with his roars causes an avalanche trapping the dwarves and Bilbo inside the mountain. Meanwhile, realizing the dragon is gone, the dwarves and hobbit make their way into the treasure room. There they rejoice in the riches, and Bilbo chooses a few things for himself.

He takes the Arkenstone, an amazing gem that Thorin wants, but Bilbo keeps for himself, and a coat of mail made of mithrill. The metal is very strong, but a light metal, and rare. After a while, the company goes out a side door and follows the river down to an old guard-post cavern where they can eat, rest and plan.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien - review | Children's books | The Guardian

Now we leave Bilbo and the dwarves and follow Smaug on his destructive path to Lake Town. As he is attacking the town, the men are fighting back. They notch their arrows and prepare to defend their homes.

A young archer, Bard, is just getting ready to let his arrow fly when a thrush lands on his shoulder, speaks into his ear, in a language he can understand, and tells him where to aim. Smaug lands on the town further destroying it, but most of the people, including Bard, are saved because they jumped into the lake.