Importance of voice in an essay

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The Importance Of Using Your Voice

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Enter your password. I accept. Sign In. She wants to emphasize that something bad happened to her. These verbs are not needed in active sentence constructions, which is one main reason why many people say that active sentences are stronger and more concise.

The Importance Of Using Your Voice

In this case, the authors want to emphasize the interviews — and how they were conducted — as an element of their research methodology. Therefore, the passive voice is an appropriate choice, although the active voice would not be incorrect. Learn more about which person to use when writing. Again, as in Example 1, the authors of this article are emphasizing aspects of their methodology, one of which is their software choice. Thus, their use of the passive voice is acceptable and appropriate.

Again, in this case, the authors are emphasizing that their research was approved. This is an important piece of information, arguably more important than the entity that did the approving. Thus, the passive voice is justified. Unlike the examples we have considered so far, in this case, the active voice is the better choice. In the example above, the active sentence reads much more clearly and concisely. Thus, your use of the active vs. Each section has a different goal and set of emphases, and you can adjust your use of active vs.

You might choose to use the active voice in your conclusion if you want to emphasize the contributions, results, or accomplishments of your research. In this case, the active voice is the stronger, preferable choice.

Importance of Intonation

It is cleaner, clearer, and more concise. It clearly states what the authors have contributed in their article. The passive option is unnecessarily wordy and clunky.

It is important to consider what you are trying to emphasize in a particular sentence or section of your paper. It is easy to default to the passive voice in academic writing, and sometimes it really is the better choice.

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If you are undecided, try rephrasing the sentence in the active voice and asking yourself whether it changes the meaning of your sentence or simply makes your writing clearer or more concise. Manuscript Formatting Consistency. Here are links to some style guides commonly used for academic writing.

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An overview of common spelling differences between British and American English in research papers. Use our handy checklist to make sure your next research manuscript is free of inconsistencies that can annoy reviewers and readers. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation.

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