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This hesitation can be compared to that of Laura to meet Jim her longtime crush Tennessee, scene vii. When the king realized that Hamlet might be dangerous, he decided to send him away. He even planned a fight against him and Laertes, the son of Polonius who was murdered by Hamlet. This was vengeance, and Laertes would be so much willing to engage in a fight with Hamlet and destroy him. Claudius poisoned the blade that was to be used by Laertes so that when the blade cuts through the fresh of Hamlet, this will result in his death.

Hamlet refused to take the poisoned wine that Claudius offered to him.

When the queen took the wine, she could not resist but die Shakespeare, p Nonetheless, Hamlet was struck with the poisoned sword, but he managed to win the fight by slaughtering Laertes with the same sword. This was an opportunity that he was so passionate about and he could not let go. With high expectations that this was over, he lost his whole family, and he also died losing everything that he ever longed for.

Both the Glass Menagerie and the Hamlet are comparable regarding the tension that was being experienced in the families. Tom and his mother were always quarrelling about various issues like spending time doing a job that he did not like, always going to the movie every night, failing to pay for electricity and also bringing into the house an engaged man who Amada hoped that would take Laura as his spouse. Hamlet also thought that he was the rightful heir to the throne to which his uncle was now sitting on. Both the Hamlet and the Glass Menagerie can be compared in that the incidences that take place in both the writings depend on what had happened in the past.

The present characters life is influenced by what happened in the past.

Laura is struggling with her longtime disability which to a great extent influences her life. She then meets her high school crush the only person she has ever loved.

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Her hopes however never bore fruits since Jim was already engaged. Along the way despite having taken the revenge with his dying breath, he lost everything his family and the throne that he always thought that he was the rightful heir. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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Hamlet and Relationships Essay

Your time is important. Get essay help. Accessed 19 October May Your essay sample has been sent. Order now. Hi there! Are you interested in getting a customized paper? Check it out! Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Hire a writer. The Major Themes in Hamlet Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare and is believed to be one of the most powerful and influential tragedies in the English language.

The play takes place in Denmark where Prince Hamlet seeks revenge on his uncle Claudius for murdering his father King Hamlet Claudius's brother. The ghost of Hamlet's father appears to him and tells him that Claudius has poisoned him. He kills the eavesdropping Polonius in the court chamberlain. Polonius's son Laertes returns….

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Throughout the play, several different people want revenge on somebody. When trying to revenge his father by killing his Uncle, Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius…. Melancholy, madness and memory- The modern psychological label of bipolar disorder manic depression fits Hamlet very well. It was a mental state recognized at the time blamed on melancholy caused by excessive introspection.

A tradition of revenge tragedy was that the aggrieved character should become mad with…. In the novel Fifth Business, guilt is a plague that has spread throughout the lives of Dunstan Ramsay…. Login Join. Essay Hamlet Theme Family Words: Open Document. This play is notorious for how it dwells on the issue of incest. Also another focus is how politics can impact the dynamics of family.

Revenge Tragedy, Hamlet as an example

The values brought on by a parent are vital in developing a characters values and sense of purpose. When Claudius begins to receive a hint that Hamlet knew the crime he committed, he began finding ways to get rid of him. Following the loss of their fathers, Hamlet, Laertes, and Ophelia lose motivation and stability that they once had provided to them, which eventually leads to their death.

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As we know, Hamlet idolized his father, King Hamlet and frequently compares him to Hercules or Hyperion. But a question asked is if old King Hamlet were still alive, would he be better than CLaudius or Polonius?

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Parents and their children suffer from unhealthy relationships. These frictions lead to the pain of others in the story. But because the story is a tragedy, without these flaws, there would be a totally different ending to this story. Show More. At times deception can be used to… Words - Pages 5.