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For me, markdown button will also give the missing research note. So, I am maintaining a google doc. Hi warren , I would like to mention that we cannot have a direct sign up from the provider without signing through registration form because of many reasons:. User model must have an email.

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If we are directly writing into the user model then twitter login cannot be made because twitter does not provide email addresses. A user can have multiple providers. This capability can only be achieved by has many relationships.

Hence, we need to have an identity associated with the user. If a user directly signs up through a provider and then unlinks his same provider account then that will result in the deletion of the user account. There are potential chances of having username same for the user model currently present in the public lab's production database and the username given by the provider so that will result in a conflict. The case when the person deletes his provider X account A but does not delete his account B on the public lab say person deletes his facebook account permanently then he will be no longer able to access his account at public labs.

When a person deletes his old account and makes a new account at twitter, facebook, google etc. Even though there are negligible chances but we need to consider at the time of defining relationships then the user will not be able to access his previous account at public labs.

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Consider the case, when one provider is gone from the market I am considering the worst case scenario, eg Orkut was a social networking site which is no longer used then there would be a need to delete the provider's account. That will result in the users account deletion. After the linking is successful the user will be able to directly login though the provider. The proposal looks very good and well explanatory.

I specially loved your implmentation details. Also I have a suggestion for you, it would be more effective if you include some mochups or some design UI ideas of bootstraped public labs website of one or two pages. I will. I agree that Twitter does not provide the email , hence we cannot make the sign-up using twitter. But we can make for FB and github , right?

I think in the mock - up above , we may give option to link only twitter account because of this constraint of email by twitter. We can make sign - up through FB , by fetching the email after authentication and searching our User database :. But what about the password and username in User model , right?

How about we send an email to this new user with temporary unique username and a temporary password. Thanks sagarpreet for your suggestions. One thing I would to say, we should have symmetry with the providers. All providers should be able to be linked or unlinked to the profile or none of them. This will not leave the user in ambiguity.

Also, I agree the case of github, facebook and google. We could send them an email and ask them to change their passwords after they receive an email of username and password. But that way there would be three problems.

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We cannot give the user the ability to change the username ,right! So, that way the new user will sign up via different accounts and then he will have different accounts at PL. We will not have any way to merge the information of the different accounts. That will be a big mess. When the user would sign up through different providers, he will expect the same content.

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So he will have two accounts. Making of the duplicate accounts is something which we need to deal, I guess so not giving the user the ability to directly sign up would be the best. Expecting that problem might not occur. So your suggestions are of great importance before executing the final stuff. Great thinking. Let me address what I can:. As to multiple accounts being made, perhaps we need to consider the possibility of a "merge account" system. In the case of Twitter it may involve one extra step of email input, and we can drop people onto the Signup page for that.

Maybe I missed one of the issues you mentioned -- happy to if you want to point it out, as the comment thread has become quite long! Hi all! What a great thread, i have learned a lot. I want to list some further concerns :. Am I clear? What will happen to the forget password and reset password capabiltiy?

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So, why not the user first registers and then links his account to twitter. Yeah I want to point out that 1 A user is having different emails for different providers.

Making of the duplicate accounts is something which we need to deal, I guess so not giving the user the ability to directly sign up through the providers without registering would be the best. This will result in the effective creation of accounts and minimum need to merge accounts. The above points are trivial we do by this approach. Yes, I think that makes sense and it's why i like the option of telling people "please enter an email in case you get locked out of your account". However I think it's partially a matter of thinking of what the minimum steps are before someone can post a comment or question on the site.

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It's kind of an ordering thing, and the easier it is to do your first "action" in public lab, the better. Also, in case of FB, GitHub and google if we are wishing to have signed up directly with the providers we need to make usernames.

That is why I am considering the user can register first and then link up through different providers. The login through provider is a single step always. I was asking about the sign up through the providers. To warren 's question about sequence, i agree. We need to have some nice flow charts to keep track of what additional "onboarding" moments need to happen as we diversify the ways people create accounts.

Hi liz thanks for reviewing my proposal. I have made the flow chart. The workflow is as under. Now he can access his account. If he wishes to link other providers fb, google, github etc he can via this page. Does this makes sense? If still I am not clear please ping me, I am there to clarify. Does it make sense how we really want people to be able to engage quickly and smoothly? This is a high enough priority that I think we can show people the "reset password" function ONLY if they'd made a password.

Ok We can do one thing, fb, google and GitHub provides us the email so we can save a random username like warren1 and password. For twitter, let's promt the user for the email that will decrease the barrier for comments and questions.

Thesis twitter bootstrap

That will be in addition to what I have written in the proposal. Regarding the passwords randomly generated, we will notify the user to change their passwords on PL once they sign in through the provider via an email. Does this makes sense?? I like that a lot. The other option, to riff on what you're saying, Sidharth -- we could basically bump people to the signup form, but pre-populate everything with what we are able to guess from their other account.

Yeah, that would be better to have some of the fields in by the provider and the rest the user can fill in and then can sign up via the provider. That was neither the account duplicacy will occur nor will the trouble which we had with the twitter will occur. Thanks warren What do your suggest liz? Thanks sagarpreet. I have started looking at them. Public Lab is open for anyone and will always be free.

thesis twitter bootstrap

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