Review of literature on customer satisfaction in two wheelers


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Review Of Literature On Customer Satisfaction In Bike

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Bar charts were developed on these parameters which compare different brands in the 2 wheeler industry with the help of these charts. But when it comes to real market, it is an illusion. Here, the details of the marketing problem are collected and studied, conclusions are drawn and suggestions are made to solve the problem quickly, correctly and systematically. In MR, specific marketing problem is studied in depth by collecting and analyzing all relevant information and solution are suggested to solve the problem which may be related to consumers, product, market competition, sales promotion and so on.

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MR is special branch of marketing management. It is comparatively of recent in origin. MR acts as an investigative arm of a marketing manager. It suggests solution on marketing problem for the consideration and selection by a marketing manager. MR also acts as an important tool to study buyer behavior, changes in consumer life- style and consumption patterns, brand loyalty and forecast market changes.

In brief, MR facilitates accurate marketing decisions for consumer satisfaction on the one hand and sales promotion on the other hand. It is rightly treated as the soul of modern marketing management. MR suggests possible solution on marketing problem to marketing manager for his consideration and final selection.

It is rightly said that the beginning and end of marketing management is marketing research. It is primarily used to provide information needed to guide marketing decision, market mix.

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It acts as a support system to marketing management. They are now national and even global in character.

The marketing activity is becoming increasingly complex and broader in scope as more firms operate in domestic and global markets. Manufactures find it difficult to establish close contact with all markets and consumers directly. Similarly, they have no control on the marketing system once the goods are sold out 2 To middlemen. This situation creates new problem before the manufacturers which can be faced effectively through MR as it acts as a feed-back mechanism to ascertain first hand information, reaction, etc. Marketing activities can be adjusted accordingly.

Due to mass scale production and distribution, direct contact between producers and consumers. Producers do not get dependable information as regards needs, expectation and reactions of consumers; they are unable to adjust their products, packaging, prices, etc. The problem created due to information gap can be solved only through MR as it possible to establish contact with consumers and collect first hand information about their needs, expectation, likes, dislikes, preferences and special features of their behavior.

Thus, MR is needed for removing the wide communication gap between producers and consumers. There is a shift of population from rural to urban areas. There have been considerable changes in the consumption and expenditure patterns of consumers in India.

Review Of Literature On Customer Satisfaction In Bike

The incomes of the people, in general, are rising. This brings corresponding increase in their purchasing capacity and buying needs and habits. The demand for consumer 11 The market are now flooded with consumer durables like TV sets and so on. Manufacturers are expected to know such qualitative and quantitative changes in the consumer preferences and their consumption pattern. For achieving this objective, MR activities are necessary and useful.

In brief, MR is needed for the study of changes in the pattern of consumption and corresponding adjustment in the marketing planning, policies strategies. They are now well informed about market trends, goods available, consumer rights and protection available to them through consumer protection acts, the growth of consumerism has created new challenges before manufacturers and traders.

Even growing customer expectations create situation when manufacturers have to understand such expectations and adjust the production policies accordingly. Indifference towards consumer expectations may lead to loss of business. In the present marketing system, consumers cannot be taken for granted.

Marketing research particularly consumer research gives valuable data relating to consumers. It is possible to use such data fruitfully while framing marketing policies. Thus, marketing decisions can be made pro consumer through marketing research activities. Such competition may be due to various factors such as price, quality, and packaging, advertising and sales promotion techniques. Entry of new competitors creates new problems in the marketing of goods and services. In addition, market competition is no more restricted to price factor alone.

There are other non-price factors such as packaging, branding, after- sales and advertising which create severe market competition. Every producer has to find out the extent of such non-price competition and the manner in which he can face it with confidence. MR is needed as it offers guidance in this regards. A 12 The shifting of competition from price to non-price factors has made marketing of consumer goods more complicated and challenging.

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This challenge can be faced with confidence by using certain measures through marketing research. Companies have to develop and market new products more quickly than ever before. However, such decision is always difficult.